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Improve student achievement by making improvements in teacher effectiveness! Teacher to Teacher works with many currently employed and recently retired award-winning teachers and state administrators who provide professional development to mathematics educators using our research-based mathematics supplementary curriculum as a framework.

Teacher to Teacher Professional Development supports:

  • Math coaches providing professional development in Title I or non-Title I schools

  • Teachers wanting more content knowledge and practical instructional strategies to teach mathematics through problem solving

Professional Development offerings:

In-person PD

  • Educational consultants come to your school for customized, hands-on PD
  • Tailored to meet the specific instructional and content needs of a school or district

Online PD

  • Collaborate online with our expert PD coaches
  • Engage in online course work
  • Deepen mathematical understanding in key content areas
  • Strengthen instructional strategies
  • Online graduate courses (1-5 credits) available for educators implementing Teacher to Teacher's Making Sense of Problem Solving program.

Build Local Capacity with Professional Development Facilitator Guides with DVDs and Presentation CDs Note: DVD provides video clips of teachers using Making Sense of Problem Solving lessons with real students. CD provides all the pages for presentation and duplication.

  • Implement a Series of One-Hour Sessions:
    • Energize your staff in a series of sessions using our PD Facilitator’s Guide/DVD/CD for Four One-hour interactive PD sessions
    • Follow through as teachers implement instructional strategies by teaching two or more lessons from the Making Sense of Problem Solving materials after each PD session
      • Collaborate with pre- and post-conferencing
      • Demonstrate lessons
      • Team teach
  • Provide an interactive full-day session to inspire and strengthen instructional strategies that will help you create a problem solving environment in your classroom
  • Fiscally sustainable
    • Use PD program with new staff at no charge (one-time purchase)
    • Continue to implement program in classrooms (no ongoing cost)
    • Participate in our blog and newsletter discussions at no charge

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Teacher to Teacher Publications is a provider of math problem solving supplementary curriculum for grades K-8 and professional development in math problem solving. We are teacher owned and operated.

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