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Research Studies and Information

Conceptual base of program in educational literature

  • Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving

  • Targeting the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points
  • Theories and Findings Used in the Development of Making Sense of Problem Solving
  • Design of the Professional Development Program 

Scientifically Based Research

  • Quasi-experimental study of over 2,000 students and their teachers supervised by the Regional Research Institute, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Replication of Studies

Supporting Data from the field

"I like doing it because
befor (sic) the program I was crumy (sic) at math but now
I am good."

--4th Grade Student

Published by a peer-reviewed journal

  • The Oregon Mathematics Teacher (TOMT), Jan/Feb 2009
    “Professional Learning Communities”, by Ray Calvary and Jackie Cooke

Approved by panels of independent experts

"I like how challenging (the problems) were. It made me think harder and work with my peers to come up with a reasonable answer."

-- Middle School Student



[The lessons] helped me understand how to break down math problems and make the problem even easier."

--8th Grade Student

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