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Student reactions

I liked it (the math game) because it was fun and it mad (made) me do different math ecwasens (equations). I did it with one card each. It was easer (easier) and more fun.
--Second grade student, Portland OR, commenting on playing a game that was differentiated for her

It was fun because you got to learn all sort's (sic) of new stuff.
--Second grade student, Portland OR

Today's game waz (sic) super fun!!!!!!
--Second grade student, Portland OR



Testimonials from Educators
who have used Math Games

The following educators received no compensation from
Teacher to Teacher Publications for their statements.

(These games)… really helped with the students’ fluency with math facts. Every student felt successful.
I really liked how each game came with a differentiation version and a challenge version.

-Cathy, Second Grade Teacher, Spokane, WA

After playing (the What’s the Difference? Game) several times, most of my students were able to move from using the numberline to finding the difference mentally. They were also able to articulate their strategies for finding the difference more clearly. I love the PowerPoint slides! Specifically, the idea of using constant difference to move the problem to “friendlier” numbers was helpful to many students.

- Julie, Second Grade Teacher, Shelton, WA

I thought the game was going to be really hard. I didn’t think I could do it,
but I can! It was fun. I’d like to try it with five numbers (addends).

–Second grade student, Shelton WA

Students did well with using the number line as a tool to add 2-digit numbers. They also demonstrated a deeper understanding of place value after completing the activity.

- Jessica, Second Grade Teacher, Sayreville NJ


Students gained a better understanding of place value, number theory
and utilizing a number line to add 2-digit numbers.

- Amy, Mathematics Coach, Sayreville NJ


(A change noted in students after playing a game) They are becoming more sure of basic facts in multiplication. The kids loved the change of pace that this game provided.

- Debra, 4th Grade Teacher, West Linn, OR


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